About this website.

The information assembled here has taken over 20 years of careful and painstaking research to collect. When people attempt to discover aspects of  history that have relevance to members of their own family the task often eludes them. It was a result of discovering the "bare bones" of the service record of my late father, among his papers following his early death back in 1970, that my interest in exactly 'who'  he was was first aroused.

He was enormously proud of having been an Army Commando during WW2. I knew he had been commissioned some months before the outbreak of war in 1939 into the Kings Own Scottish Borderers (TA), along with his younger brother (who was later killed fighting in the Reichswald forest on the eastern borders of  Holland). I knew that he had served with the 4th and 6th Battalions of that regiment in Home defence duties all up and down the East of Britain during the first years of the war. I had heard also that he was not regarded by his superiors as being suited to his positon as an infantry officer, and had been reassigned to work in the Divisional workshops - then a Royal Army Ordnance Corps ( RAOC) establishment . (He worked in No 8 Port Workshops at Low Fell just outside Newcastle through 1942)

Then, somehow, he had got from there into the Special Boat Section of the Army Commandos - this progression intrigued me, although his lifelong passion for Canoeing was obvious to all the family. There were some hints that he had been involved with midget submarines. Towards the end of the war he had been in Australia, and then futher north in the Philippines. " Cloak and Dagger" was all elderly relations would tell us children.  It was a fascinating enigma.

It was in this way that my interest was aroused. This was why the research began. I am enormously grateful  for the assistance given by all those with whom I have been in contact over many years, and to whom I have appealed for information. Old colleagues of my late father ( many now sadly deceased) have helped with personal memories. Historians and Authors have provided pointers based on their own research. Government archives have revealed dates, locations and unit tasks.Careful study of many books published about WW2 Allied Special Forces since the war have provided a hint here, and a crumb of fact there. It has been, and will remain for me, a great project.

To all those who have helped me... this website is my way of saying ....Thank you.


The Opinions, Views and Reports included on this website have been drawn from  sources listed in the Bibliography. They are based on the thoughts, writings and memories of those involved, and upon relevant accounts contained in Books, articles and other archives, including the diaries and letters left by my  late father. The sole  responsibility for this website,  and the conclusions I have drawn, is my own.  Tom Colville.